We are Partners!

We highly value the partnership of parents and intend to nurture that partnership with frequent communication, participation in activities and regular prayer. We realize that effective partnering is a two-way street and we hope that parents will cooperate with us for the benefit of their child.

Our Parent-Student Handbooks are intended to provide valuable information about our school and program. It can be viewed or downloaded here:

Parent Handbook 2018-19
Middle School Parent Handbook 2017-18

Please tell us how we might serve you better.

The PTA organization came about as a collaborative effort of the Forest Hills staff and parents in the Spring of 2018. Through a series of community-building activities on a monthly basis, the larger community has generated sub-communities which work on various activities to support the school and its program. The communities include:

  • Leadership
  • Program
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Technology

The agenda for each meeting includes a mixer activity, updates on activities, and meeting time for each of the communities. Child care is provided and meetings are scheduled on Friday evenings to accommodate schedules. All Forest Hills parents and staff members are welcome to participate in all of the activities of the PTA Community.

PTA Officers for 2018-19

  • Heather Juenemann, Keri Christensen - Co-Presidents
  • Ami Russell - Vice President
  • Kim Heimer-Dias - Communications
  • Marissa Doyle - Secretary
  • Crystal Holscher - Treasurer

PTA Minutes (click to download)

* PTA Meeting Minutes, 9/10/18

Parents As Leaders (PALs)

Parent involvement is invited, encouraged and expected at Forest Hills since research has demonstrated that this is an important factor in student success and achievement.  There are many opportunities for involvement, including:PALs Field Trip

• lunchroom helpers
• classroom assistants
• buildings and grounds beautification
• Auction planning and committees
• CLASS membership
• field trip chaperones
• coaching, driving, and officiating in sports program
• library helpers
• office assistants
• grandpas support group

Parents agree to serve a minimum of 25 hours per family in the course of the school year or pay $10 per hour not served to the school at the end of the year.  Since the school and the student are the beneficiaries, parent are encouraged to give of their time rather than their money.


Forest Hills follows the guidelines of the State of Oregon in tracking immunization of enrolled students and recommending action as needed. The following documents show the results of that tracking for the 2016-17 school year.

Preschool Report, 2016-17

School Report, 2016-17