Faculty & Staff Members

Forest Hills is blessed with an experienced, dedicated and hard-working staff. Teachers are trained to serve in a Lutheran Christian school. Many have advanced degrees. They are the strength of the school.


Preschool and Reading Teacher

Mrs. Ambyr Henninger

Anne Shearier


Mrs. Anne Shearier

  • Double B.A. Education, U of Northern Colorado; M. Ed., U of Missouri
  • Served in Colorado and Oregon
  • Served at Forest Hills since 2014



Joy Gehlen

1st Grade

Mrs. Joy Gehlen

  • B.A. Education, 1990 Pacific Lutheran University
  • Served in Spnaway, WA; Hillsboro, Tigard public schools
  • First grade at Forest Hills since 2004

2nd Grade

Ms. Sarah Hoffman

  • B.A. 1982 Concordia, Portland
  • M. Ed. 2000 Lesley University
  • Served in California and Alaska
  • Served at Forest Hills since 1995


Julie Ryan

3rd Grade

Mrs. Julie Ryan

  • B.S. National American University
  • M. A. Education, American College of Education
  • Served in New Mexico, Beaverton OR
  • Joined the faculty in 2017
Polly Merten

4th Grade

Mrs. Polly Merten

  • B.A. 1996 Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Served in Illinois; Forest Grove and Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Joined faculty in 2013
Shauna Nichols

5th Grade

Mrs. Shauna Nichols

  • B. A. Western Oregon University; M. S. Ed., 2001 Western Oregon University
  • Served in Hillsboro as kindergarten teacher
  • Joined faculty in 2014
Kim Brennan

3-5 Multiage

Mrs. Kimberly Brennan

  • B.S. Ed. 1999 Western Oregon University
  • M. Teaching & Learning 2002 Seattle Pacific University
  • Served in Coos Bay, Hillsboro as kindergarten teacher
  • Joined faculty in 2013


Ben Bauer

Middle School (6-8)

Mr. Ben Bauer

  • B.A. Concordia, Portland
  • Beginning service at Forest Hills 2016
  • Middle school science
Bonnie Moeller

Middle School (6-8)

Mrs. Bonnie Moeller

  • B.S. Ed - Concordia, Nebraska
  • Began service at Forest Hills in 1994; returned in 2016
  • Middle school language arts
Terry Pluckett

Middle School (6-8)

Mr. Terry Plucknett

  • B.A. 2008 Concordia, Portland
  • Served at Forest Hills since 2008
  • Middle school math


Carla Beyer

Physical Education • Athletics

Mrs. Carla Beyer

  • B.S., 1986 University of Connecticut
  • M.P.H., 1989 Yale School of Medicine
  • Served in public health position in Washington
  • Served at Forest Hills since 2006
Cheryl Soligny

Music • Library • Spanish K-2

Mrs. Cheryl Souligny

  • B.S. Ed., 1978 Concordia, Nebraska
  • Served in California, Guatemala, South America, Idaho
  • Served at Forest Hills since 2008
d loncar



Mrs. Denise Loncar

  • B.S. Art History, Portland State
  • Served at Tualatin Valley Academy
  • Served at Forest Hills since 2013
Cassie Plucknett


Mrs. Cassie Plucknett

  • served at Forest Hills since 2013

Clara Keith


Mrs. Clara Keith

  • began service in 2016
Velma Myers

Resource Teacher

Mrs. Velva Myers

  • began serving at Forest Hills in 2016
Connie Leinhos

Dyslexia Intervention

Mrs. Connie Leinhos

  • served at Forest Hills since 2013


Mike Schiemann


Mr. Mike Schiemann

  • B.A. Concordia, Edmonton; M.Ed. Concordia, Wisconsin
  • Served in Edmonton, AB; Port Coquitlam, B.C.
  • Service at FH to began October, 2014 at Forest Hills
Dani Brown

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Danielle Brown

  • BS in Business/Economics from Linfield College - 1998
  • Began service in 2018
Angie Reese

Business Manager

Mrs. Angie Reese

  • Began service in 2016
Patti White

Admissions/Development Director

Mrs. Patti White

  • Began service at Forest Hills in 2015


Jackie Smith

Lunchroom Director

Mrs. Jackie Smith

  • Served at Forest Hills since 2011

Extended Care Providers


Mrs. Angela Hodge

  • began service at Forest Hills in 2017